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Team Profile

Our team is unique.  The conventional insurance agency approach involves an individual agent approach to handle a book of business.  With a combined 30 years of real estate insurance experience, Rob Stephenson & Jeremy Burr sought to synergize via a partnership.  They elected to combine their already established books of business in 2008, which enabled them to capitalize on each of their individual strengths.  The partnership has flourished and the success is attributed to the collective efforts of the entire team.

(Pictured from Left to Right: Irma Lopez, Enid Mendoza, Emily Tyler, Wendy Bissonnette, Francesca Cantrill – Team Leader)

Our Team’s Objective

Our sole objective is to deliver quality insurance programs that meet lender requirements at the most aggressive pricing point possible. We understand the relationship between cash flow and CAP rates, so our approach involves a balance between insurance program design and total cost of insurance. To this end, our team actively creates proprietary programs that are not available to our competitors, allowing us to maintain a cutting edge approach in a business that often seems to lack creativity.

Is Our Team Capable to Handle Your Needs?

IOA is a large national firm and our Multifamily Insurance and Commercial Real Estate Insurance program is a niche segment within the operation. Our team’s experience is best summarized by the volume of business we currently manage. Our 7 person team (team profile page) currently handles just under $6.5B of asset value and we have apartment insurance in place for just under 100,000 units. These numbers are shared with you to illustrate that we are extremely specialized.


Real Estate Focus Areas


  • Multifamily Insurance
  • Commercial Real Estate Insurance
  • Condominium Association Insurance
  • Landlord Insurance
  • Office Building Insurance
  • Shopping Center Insurance
  • Self Storage Insurance
  • Mobile Home Park Insurance



Rob Stephenson (Agent)– With a 17-year background in risk management and insurance brokerage for the real estate industry, Rob has been responsible for approximately 750,000 multi-family/condo units and 10,000,000 square feet of commercial office and retail space. His principal responsibility as Vice President of Risk Management is the marketing of our client’s insurance needs to the insurance marketplace.  Rob also owns a portfolio of commercial real estate.


Jeremy Burr (Agent)– Jeremy has 10 years of experience on the buyer’s side of commercial property insurance products.  Jeremy’s principal responsibility is consulting with the client on their specific insurance needs as well as researching traditional and alternative insurance programs to assist clients in obtaining the most effective use of their premium dollar.  He currently serves clients that operate in excess of 100,000 multi family units and 7,000,000 square feet of commercial space.

888-243-6899 ext. 15427

Francesca Cantrill (Account Executive & Team Leader)– Francesca’s 10 years of experience handling real estate business in the insurance industry has given her well rounded knowledge of the business.  Her experience ranges from commercial marketing to client services.  Francesca’s primary responsibility is servicing real estate management companies that specialty in the management of apartment communities and condominium associations.


Enid Mendoza (Customer Service Rep)– Enid Mendoza started her insurance career in 1999 with C N A Insurance Company in their Florida Branch in their endorsement department.  In 2003 she became a Customer Service Representative with C N A for their Professional Liability accounts.  She joined IOA in the summer of 2003 and has had opportunity to work with a variety of large accounts, providing account and marketing services.  Her diverse background and creative abilities are proven assets.  Enid holds her 220 Property and Casualty license and continues to expand her knowledge attending courses for future designations.


Emily Lynch (Marketing Manager)– Emily’s primary responsibility is the management and oversight of the marketing functions of commercial real estate insurance placements.  Her experience allows her to be proactive in creating cost effective solutions to coverage needs and her aggressive nature is welcomed by clients.



Irma Lopez (Account Coordinator)– Irma is a member of the IOA team with a service background from a nationally recognized insurance firm.  Irma handles client requests for certificates, accounting issues, and is a critical component of the “behind the scenes” work necessary to our real estate team’s every day functionality.


Deb Freeburg (Account Manager)– Deb is an English born superstar on our team.  She speaks a little funny, but we appreciate her tenacity in dealing with the various nuances of handling real estate business.  Deb was a superb addition to our team in 2012 and manages a large book of business comprised primarily of real estate clientele.