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Recent Success Stories

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New Client 1: An old contact of ours reached out for help.  It was a third party property manager that was brought in to help the owner of a majority of units in a fractured condo.  The current insurance agent had a relationship with the owner; however, the agent missed many key markets in his/her marketing efforts and we saved a bunch of premium which created greater cash flow to this investor and eased monthly association fees for the other unit owners.  This deal was sent to us and bound in 3 days.

New Client 2: A contact of ours recently reached out in desperation.  He was refinancing his property but had a dilemma due to the current insurance agent’s inability to reduce the insurance premiums to a level needed for the approval on funds proceeds that the owner wanted.  In 3 days we created a scenario of reduced premiums that more than achieved the owners objective.

New Client 3: We reached out to this client and he didn’t have much interest in a quote for his upcoming renewal.  After a couple of conversations the client agreed to have us involved.  Through the marketing process, we uncovered a creative program that fit their needs perfectly in terms of coverage and meeting stringent lender requirements.  The incumbent’s program was $350,000 higher than what we bound for this client.

New Client 4: A new client contacted our team 3 days prior to his renewal.  The client was upset with the renewal process because they didn’t have numbers from the current agent.  Our firm was blocked at all markets.  The insured received the renewal and the pricing was up just a little bit from expiring.  We provided the client a no charge consultative review of the renewal proposal and upon review we noticed major underwriting errors due to sloppy communication with the carrier.  The client assigned us the market and within 5 business hours we corrected the errors reducing the premium over $20k which was over 25% of the premium.  These errors cost the insured tens of thousands of dollars in lost premium over the years.